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The UK Material Handling Association Limited (UKMHA)

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Maintaining standards, and services from all those in the material handling industry.

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About Us

The UKMHA is a not-for-profit organisation representing all aspects of the UK's material handling industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and other stakeholders. The new association has been formed by the merger of the industry’s two most respected trade associations – the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) and the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA).

Harnessing the expertise from both organisations, the UKMHA will play a vital role as the single voice of the material handling industry, dedicated to creating an environment where all its members can prosper, and technical excellence is paramount.

Promoting improved safety standards industry-wide is a main priority, aided by existing campaigns including National Forklift Safety Day, the Forklift Safety Convention and Safety Drive. In addition to collating focused market intelligence, which is shared between all members, the association ensures that member needs are considered in key areas of legislation, including on key issues such as safety, trade and training. Representation on UK and European standards committees will ensure the highest standards are consistently maintained.

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Launch Event

Our official Launch in association with NFSD 2021

Our mission

Our Mission Statement

Providing the entire material handling industry with a single voice and ensuring the highest standards of safety and service are maintained at all times.


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With the effects of the COVID-19 continuing to impact normal business practices, the ability of the logistics industry to maintain an uninterrupted supply of essential goods such as food and medical supplies remains vital to the nation’s wellbeing – and the role played by the material handling sector in this cannot be overlooked. Without MHE being able to operate at peak efficiency then the ability of the logistics industry to fulfil its requirements will be compromised.

In its quest to ensure the material handling industry remains operationally effective during the coronavirus emergency, the UKMHA is making freely available a series of guidelines produced by BITA to help protect everyone working in the industry. It is important for the safety of everyone in the material handling industry that these recommendations are adhered to.

The notices cover issues such as the safe cleaning of MHE, deactivating equipment, the vital importance of keeping to service and Thorough Examination regimes, and the need to maintain training standards. These will be updated wherever necessary, to reflect current health and safety requirements.

Here at the UKMHA we stand ready to support the material handling sector in whatever way we can, and an industry-wide adoption of the latest guidance will help to ensure everyone remains safe.

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