How it works

Wherever you are based in the UK, West Berkshire District Council, with whom the UKMHA have formed the Primary Authority Partnership, will act impartially on your behalf.

If you have reported a criminal offence, such as a truck being supplied in a dangerous condition or inaccurately described, your case will be forwarded to Trading Standards. If they consider the complaint to be justified, they will mobilise nationally, identifying patterns of bad practice by the same supplier and taking action.

The complaint will then be taken up by your local authority (i.e. where the complaint was made) as well as the authority where the supplier is located. Civil cases – those concerning contract disputes – will be held on file to identify whether a pattern emerges, before action is taken.

If you file your criminal complaint anonymously, it will be recorded and checked against other complaints, to build a body of evidence. However, it will not be acted upon. It is, effectively, the difference between wishing to register a complaint and wishing for action to be taken.

Help is at hand

Unsure whether or not you have a legitimate complaint? You can call upon a Member of the UK Material Handling Association to help, free of charge. Simply head to the member directory and search for your nearest dealer.

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