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Fork Lift Safety

Safe User Group

The tools to build a safer site

Safety is at the top of the UK Material Handling Association’s (UKMHA) agenda. As such, we offer you a wide range of resources to support you in maximising on-site safety, including:

Why join UKMHA Safe User Group?

The UKMHA Safe User Group (SUG) has been created specifically to provide forklift truck users – those who own, operate and are responsible for running the vehicles on a day-to-day basis – with everything you need to ensure that everything is done safely and according to best practice.

Essentially, we take all of the various legal requirements and advice coming from multiple legislative bodies and extract all of the relevant points, then compile, and deliver it to you in a clear and concise way. Whenever the law is updated or best practice advice alters, we will ensure that our SUG Members are kept informed.

What’s more, SUG members benefit from discounts on all of the safety-related output from the UKMHA, including tickets to the annual Safety Convention and a host of valuable publications and related materials produced by the Association.

Put simply, SUG Membership is the simplest way to ensure that you have all of the information you need to keep your business operating within legal parameters and best practice guidelines… and a safe business is a productive business.  Importantly, all of this will cost less per week than a take-away sandwich.

We have a full list of benefits available along with information on how to join the UKMHA Safe User Group. Press the button below to get started!

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