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Fact sheets on owning and operating fork lift trucks

As the UK’s largest and most authoritative organisation in the fork lift truck industry, the UKMHA receives many requests for information and advice. To make that service even more accessible, the Association has created this library of Fact Sheets which address many of the most important and frequently asked questions, including:

  • “How long does a fork lift licence last?”
  • “How old do I need to be to operate a fork lift?”
  • “What is Thorough Examination?”

…and many more.

If you have a question that is not covered here, please email us on nanette@ukmha.org.uk and we will try to provide you with a satisfactory answer.

Equally, if you are responsible for the safe operation of one or more fork lift truck and would like regular updates on legislation, health and safety, guidance on correct operation and inspection, then you may wish to subscribe to our Safe User Group.

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