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How you benefit from our Audit

Designed to ensure that Full Dealer Members are legislatively compliant and are otherwise engaged in best practice, where legislation may not apply.

Lots of companies can rent or sell you a forklift truck, and all of them will probably tell you that they’re the best. But few, if any, can back that up with solid evidence. Our members can…

Members of the UK Material Handling Association, must abide by a stringent Code of Practice and comply with the Member Audit.

What is the Code of Practice (CoP)?

The CoP is a commitment: to deliver robust, prompt service support carried out by fully trained engineers, use high quality parts, use a hire contract that has been approved by the UK Material Handling Association and are backed by insurance cover of more than £5m. It means our Members ensure the equipment they supply is right for you, taking the time to understand your application – as well as your future plans – then offering expert advice in order to identify the most appropriate equipment for your site. Above all, they are required to behave with integrity. To find out more about the CoP, talk to your local UKMHA Member.

What is the Member Audit?

Underpinning that Code of Practice is the UKMHA’s rigorous Member Audit. Developed specifically for the forklift truck industry, it is unlike many accreditations that use online questionnaires and are, consequently, vulnerable to malpractice. Instead, a Compliance Manager from the UKMHA undertakes a physical on-site visit to inspect more than 100 criteria, across legally required areas of safety, health and environment procedures.  A highly effective health check, it allows the membership to share best practice and you can be assured that the advice and support they deliver to you is expert and up-to-the minute.   

What does this mean for you?

For customers, Member Audit compliance provides assurance that they will receive work of standards demonstrably higher than non-compliant companies. Importantly, audit accredited companies operate more efficiently and cost-effectively – thereby delivering greater value to you as a customer. Crucially, by employing the services of a professional UKMHA audited company, you remove a potentially weak link in your chain of traceability and accountability.

Why would you settle for anything less?

For more information, contact your local UKMHA Member. You can find them, here.

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