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Safety Drive

Safety Drive 2020

Under normal circumstances we’d be bringing you the National Forklift Safety Convention at this time of year along with National Forklift Safety Month. With restrictions on live events and gatherings that sadly isn’t possible in 2020. However, this year we’ll be running an extended campaign over the coming weeks — Safety Drive.

Join the UKMHA mailing list above and each week of the campaign you’ll receive advice and guidance on a different safety topic, all backed by free resources here on our site.

We’ll be starting with one of the fundamentals of good forklift safety: training. From there we’ll move through a number of key topics and showcasing the latest products and best practice within these areas.

Remember to check back here each week to find the supporting materials and other resources.

But to start with, here are some of our classic Safety Month posters that will be available for the duration of Safety Drive.

Safe User Group

While we usually have Safety Month and the Convention to focus on particular areas, forklift safety remains a year-round enterprise. That’s why the UKMHA formed the Safe User Group aimed at any company which uses forklifts — from small independent businesses to giant national chains and everything in between.

It offers expert advice in no-nonsense language along with practical resources to help you along your safety journey.

For a full list of Safe User Group member benefits, click here.

Safety Drive Sponsors

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors for their commitment to safety and assistance in this campaign.

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