Electrical Connection, Isolation and Charger Fault Finding

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NWSLC - MTI Campus

This course provides your engineers with the understanding, as well as regulations and practices they need to safely carry out electrical connection and isolation, as well as charger fault finding, in relation to forklift trucks.

A wide range of subjects are covered, including:

  • Types of batteries
  • Safe use of batteries
  • Electrical isolation procedures
  • Basic three-phase and single-phase wiring
  • Cable sizing, overload and short circuit protection
  • Cable types and their applications
  • Common electrical terminology and symbols
  • Basic wiring and operation of chargers
  • Practical wiring and connection of chargers
  • Fault finding testing, inspection and certification of chargers
  • Assess condition of and calculate conductor requirements
  • Conventional chargers
  • High frequency chargers
  • Types of HF chargers (error codes)
  • Fault finding testing, inspection of HF chargers

Duration: One day

NB: This course does not qualify an engineer to connect charging systems to a main supply (you will require 17th edition IEE wiring regulations, 18th IEE edition as of July 2018)

Sorry, this event has expired. If you are interested in this or require further information, please contact the UKMHA office on 01635 277570 or email admin@ukmha.org.uk.

Event Location:

  • NWSLC - MTI Campus
  • Mira Technology Park, 1 Eastern Avenue
  • Nuneaton
  • United Kingdom
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