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UKMHA says relax

The UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA) has revealed details of a comprehensive on-site Audit that demonstrates UKMHA members work to “demonstrably higher standards” than non-compliant companies.

Tim Waples, Chief Executive of the UKMHA explains: “There are many companies who can rent or sell you a forklift and each will tell you they’re the best. But few, if any, can back that up with solid evidence.

“Your local UKMHA Member can. To gain and retain their membership, each must abide by a stringent Code of Practice and must successfully complete the UKMHA Member Audit.  

“That Code of Practice is evidence the member is competent to survey a site (taking the time to understand the application, safety requirements as well as future plans), offer expert advice and then specify the most appropriate equipment.   

“Underpinning that Code is the UKMHA’s rigorous Member Audit. Developed specifically for the forklift truck industry, it is unlike many accreditations that use an online questionnaire (which is vulnerable to malpractice). Instead, an UKMHA Quality Manager undertakes a physical on-site visit to inspect more than 100 criteria across all aspects of the member’s business, including safety and environmental procedures and best practice.  

“For the customer, the Audit is proof that UKMHA members work to standards demonstrably higher than non-compliant companies and removes a potentially weak link in a company’s chain of traceability and accountability.

According to Tim Waples, customers also benefit from the fact that UKMHA members are provided with a huge array of technical support, keeping them abreast of the latest legislation and HSE guidelines. They also have access to a great deal of support materials such as technical bulletins and risk assessments to ensure they carry out maintenance and repairs to the very highest standards.

Summing up he explained “We carry out more than 100 checks on every UKMHA member, so the customer doesn’t need to.”

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