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The UKMHA Awards for Excellence has a sterling reputation for putting on one heck of a show – year on year. However, the event would not be a fraction of what they are today without the generosity of our Sponsors.

However, it’s not all one-sided. In return for their patronage, Awards Sponsors receive some truly valuable benefits. Here’s what you can expect…

Stronger by association
Representing the pinnacle of fork lift quality and achievement, sponsoring the UKMHA Awards is to associate your businesses with compelling brand values: excellence, innovation, safety and trust. 

Appreciation of an industry
The Awards audience appreciates that sponsorship is an investment in the industry’s broader future. They recognise it as a demonstration of wholehearted corporate commitment to materials handling as a whole…  and respond in kind.

Share the spotlight
Becoming an Awards Sponsor is the premier way to participate in the Awards, short of winning an Archie. You will even have the opportunity to take centre stage, and present a winner’s trophy in person!

Outstanding publicity
Your contribution will be celebrated not only on the night, but all year-round. The publicity starts as soon as you agree to sponsor, with press coverage from all the key media, announcing your involvement. This is built upon over the following months via media releases, articles, profiles, in-house publications and online…  building a strong, ongoing association between your brand and the Awards’ established core values. 

What does it cost?
Sponsorship costs £7971(+VAT) and presents an unparalleled opportunity for a company like yours to achieve ever-greater brand recognition throughout the sector. View a complete list of Sponsor benefits here

For companies that don’t want to be a full Sponsor, but still wish to get involved, Event Supporters (£1418+VAT) also receive many valuable benefits.

For further details or to sign up as an Awards Sponsor or Supporter, please contact the UKMHA office. Call 01635 277577 or email nanette@ukmha.org.uk.

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