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Fleet evaluation

Can the FLTA give an independent professional to review on the truck conditions and give assessment on expected life span?

The Fork Lift Truck Association cannot offer an evaluation service directly however, through our “Find a Member” link on the FLTA Website, you will be able to identify our members and we would recommend discussing your requirements with one or more of them. https://ukmha.org.uk/find-members

All our members work to a strict code of practice and you can be sure that the advice they give is tailored to meet your requirements.

Depending on the condition of your existing equipment, it may be possible for you to sell some of it and lease it back from your chosen supplier, as part of the overall fleet review.  This is quite common practice and can free up some cash, if that is something you wish to consider.

Technologies, especially with electric trucks, have moved on over the years and you may find that, using the most up to date, efficient equipment (with Lithium Ion batteries for example),  could mean you are able to reduce your fleet size overall and make savings on your costs for charging.

Strict Health and Safety policies, with all types of workplace transport, are vitally important and, once again, so many advances have been made in recent years to help protect operators and pedestrians, working in close proximity to lift trucks and other industrial vehicles.  We would very much recommend that, as a business using forklift trucks, you consider joining our Safe User Group.  It’s an interactive resource that provides you with a wealth of safety-related guidance, tools and helplines created to support organisations like yours.

Importantly, the information is clear, concise and cuts through the jargon, giving you the reassurance that you are always up-to-date with current legislation and best practice.
Some of the benefits you would enjoy are:
* 6 x Health & Safety Newsletters per year
* A unique, step-by-step safety programme (with benchmarking tool)
* Framed Certificate of Membership, Code of Practice and Employee Pledge
* Up-to-the-minute notification of changes to lift truck legislation
* Free expert advice helpline
* Access to a huge library of Technical Bulletins, Factsheets and Risk Assessment documents
* Generous discounts for the FLTA on-line shop (including safety and operator handbooks, etc)
* Discounts on tickets to the National Forklift Safety Convention and the opportunity to network with other companies who are working to successfully enhance on-site safety.

You can find out more about the Safe User Group and how to apply for membership by following this link.

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