Fleet Management

Fleet evaluation

Can the FLTA give an independent professional to review on the truck conditions and give assessment on expected life span? The Fork Lift Truck Association cannot offer an evaluation service directly however, through our “Find a Member” link on the FLTA Website, you will be able to identify our members and we would recommend discussing …

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Fires involving fork lift trucks

What are the actual hazard levels and frequencies relating to fire risk? We are not aware of any statistics that specifically cover the frequency or intensity of fire outbreaks, caused by diesel lift trucks however, we can advise on some precautions you could take to minimise the risk. One of the most effective to prevent …

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What should be carried out in the service of an electric forklift?

Unfortunately, due to the many different types and brands of Lift Trucks on the market, we are unable to offer a servicing guide and you should always refer to the equipment manufacturer’s guidelines but, in addition to mechanical inspections, it is essential to ensure that all safety related items are checked and adjusted, as may …

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Fork Damage

Most of the guidelines for fork arm wear and tear relate to the thickness as the heal or, if it is related to alignment, then it is 30mm per 1000mm (or 3%). Follow links below for advice from UKMHA and HSE: Inspection and Repair of Fork Arms – PDF http://www.hse.gov.uk/workplacetransport/lift-trucks/repairs.htm Regarding damage or bending at …

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Turning circles for a forklift

The turning circles will vary quite widely depending on the size and type of lift truck being used. As a rough guide conventional counter-balance trucks would require an aisle width of between 3.5-4.5 metres. Reach trucks would normally operate in aisle widths of between 2.7-3.5 metres. There are other specialised warehouse trucks which can operate …

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