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Safety Drive 2021

Week 1 – Thorough Examination

The theme of this year’s National Forklift Safety Day, we start the UKMHA Safety Drive with Thorough Examination (TE).

There have been a number of clarifications to GN28, the industry guidance, and this week we review those changes to remind you of the latest guidance.

Key Points

• For lorry-mounted trucks where the operator can be lifted with the truck as part of the mount/dismount sequence, a TE is necessary at least every 6 months (more frequently if conditions require e.g. corrosive environments).
• Similarly, attachments not permanently mounted to the truck will also require examination at least every 6 months.
• In situations where an exceptional event has occurred – such as an impact or overload – an additional TE is required before the equipment is brought back into service.
• If the Competent Person carrying out the examination is unable to complete a TE due to a serious defect of the lifting parts, then they must inform the relevant enforcement authority
• Where fitted, operator assistance systems, safety cut-offs and speed reductions must be working correctly.
• Creep of the load handling system should be assessed with a representative load and the hydraulic fluid at the normal working temperature. Where there is doubt further testing should be specified on the report of Thorough Examination.
• Parking brake performance can be verified by ensuring that it holds the truck stationary on the maximum operating site gradient when carrying a representative load.
• Where there is a defect or imminent failure in the lifting equipment involving a risk of serious injury, e.g. chain or fork wear beyond replacement limits, or a missing or defaced capacity/data plate, the equipment shall be withdrawn from service pending repairs and the examiner must send a copy of the report to the relevant enforcement authority as required by LOLER. In the circumstances, reporting is mandatory even if the fault was immediately rectified.

CFTS is part of UKMHA and CFTS-accredited companies are unique in using procedures and documentation that are totally compliant with GN28 guidance so you can be confident your next Thorough Examination fully meets HSE requirements.

For more information on Thorough Examination visit https://nationalforkliftsafetyday.co.uk/2021-thorough-examination/

To purchase a copy of GN28 visit www.bita.org.uk/shop/

Safety Drive Week 1 Sponsors

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors so far for their commitment to safety and assistance in this campaign. To sponsor this event please click here to find details.

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