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Safety Drive 2021

Week 4 – Onsite Engineers & Technicians

This week we focus on keeping onsite engineers and technicians safe in the workplace.

Sites have a legal duty of care to all staff and visitors. Whether they are carrying out repairs, routine maintenance or Thorough Examinations, site managers need to ensure that visiting engineers and technicians are provided with a safe working area. This includes:

  • Controlled access, with no through traffic, vehicle movements or operating machinery
  • Well lit and sufficiently ventilated, preferably under cover or indoor
  • Sufficient space for the intended activity and is free from overhead obstructions
  • Access to welfare facilities
  • A firm, smooth, level floor of sufficient load carrying capacity for the intended tasks
  • Free from hazards such as battery charging and stored chemicals
  • Clean, without oil spills, slip or trip hazards, vermin, etc.
  • Immediate access to the engineer’s van

Site inductions should be carried out and should include a review of the specific activities intended, includin

  • Enables staff to maintain good habits and learn new skills.
  • Supervision of lone workers
  • Provision of lifting and access equipment
  • Working at height and, where appropriate, the rescue plan
  • Disposal of waste

Although most organisations have provision for visitors onsite, often those entering to carry out work are insufficiently catered for. By ensuring a safe environment for technicians and engineers to work in, you are not only meeting your legal obligations, you are also ensuring these vital workers are protected whilst they work to keep your operation running safely and efficiently.

Safety Drive Week 4 Sponsors

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors so far for their commitment to safety and assistance in this campaign. To sponsor this event please click here to find details.

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